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Friday, October 2, 2009

Kristy Cavinder... Flying High Full of Life

Behind the scenes of the Glory of Christmas.

On June 28, Kristen (Kristy) Cavinder was crowned Miss California 2009-only one achievement of many for this exceptional 21-year-old. From Crystal Cathedral's perspective, Kristy Cavinder has always been a bright and rising star. Kristy "grew up" at the Crystal Cathedral, with her parents and grandmother filling key church roles. And Kristy has found meaningful ways to put her unique talents to work in this ministry, as well.

A child dancer in The Glory of Christmas and The Glory of Easter in 1999, Kristy soared to new heights (90 feet to be exact) as a flying angel ('04) and solo dancer ('05-'08). "Being part of the 'Glories' was a lifelong dream," Kristy revealed. "I remember attending the 'Glories' at five years old and telling my grandmother that I had to become a dancer. She told me to practice so I could jump over the fountains without getting my dress wet-and I did! I've been dancing for 17 years and don't intend to stop any time soon. I've been blessed with the opportunity to share my love of dance and love of the Lord with thousands of people each year."

Kristy, who minored in dance at the University of Southern California (USC) and studied at New York City's American Ballet Theater, has also danced in the Disney Resort's "Electrical Light Parade" and "Parade of Dreams."

Kristy's education also included Crystal Cathedral Schools where she took an active leadership role. "During my senior year," Kristy explained, "I started the 'Broadway Our Way' program. I realized that our school provided an incredible arena to give younger students older role models to look up to." That program eventually grew into the GEL (Growing Exceptional Ladies) program where junior high girls continue to meet with senior high mentors, discussing issues like self-confidence, making healthy choices, and growing in relationship with the Lord.

Recently hired as Crystal Cathedral Children's Ministry's Team Leader, Kristy is also a parttime USC student until she graduates in December and goes on to attend graduate school next spring. As Miss California, Kristy looks forward to competing in the Miss America pageant in January 2010. When asked what this competition has meant to her, Kristy responded, "I thought it would be a fun way to perform and earn scholarship money, but it has bettered me in every area of my life. I've become more confident, poised and capable, and more refined in my ballet talent. I've also learned how to stand strong in my beliefs and ideals. I'm honored to be Miss California and hope that this title will help me encourage and equip young people to dream big and realize that, with God, they have the potential to do anything." Flying high among the stars is this "angel" of ours- Kristy Cavinder!